Tombow AIR PRESS BOUQUET Ballpoint pen 0.7mm Marguerite [Small Item | FCC-136C]

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The Tombow AIR PRESS BOUQUET Ballpoint Pen eatures a mechanism called AIR-PRESS. When knock the button, a piston pushes air in the pressure chamber and then the compressed air push out the ink in the cartridge.

By the pressurised air, even if you write very fast, write on a wet paper or write upward, you can write clearly without blurred ink.

The pen has a large clip which you can open & close by pinching the top of the clip and suitable to carry in your pocket. When open the clip, the pen tip will be stored in the body so you never mess your shirt or bag by ink.

The 125mm body length is approximately 20% shorter than standard office ballpoint pens and very handy to carry with you. The pen tip won't be stored without opening the clip more than 2mm.


Model Number FCC-136C
Shipping Weight 15 g
Body Weight 13 g
Body Colour Yellow
Body Thickness 24 mm
Body Material Polycarbonate
Body Mechanism Air Press System・Knock Guard
Clippable Yes
Clip Type Opens and Closes in Pinching
Clip Length 55 mm
Ink Characteristics Oil-Based Ink
Pre - Installed Ink Colour Black
Pen Refill Number BR-SF
Tip Diameter 0.7 mm Ball
Tip Material Stainless Steel
Design Style Short Length
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