Kanmido COCOFUSEN Sticky Notes 30 Sheets x 4 Colours PATTERN PINK [Small Item | CF-2002]

Our Selling Price: NZ$5.53 [Regular Price: NZ$7.90]

The Kanmido COCOFUSEN sticky notes features a special case that you can paste into your notebook or workbook and allows you to take a sticky note from the case as you need it.

A case comes with 4 different colours, 30 sheets each and has a re-peelable adhesive seal tape at the back of the case.

In addition, the sticky notes are made from durable thin semi-transparent film which is much thinner than paper and hard to fold. The semi-transparent sticky notes allow you to read text under the sticky notes after you write or mark up on them.

Also, you can write or mark up on the sticky notes by oil-based ink, pencil or water-based ink. Please note that some water-based ink pen may not work on this film.

This very popular COCOFUSEN Sticky notes series has a lot of supporters in Japan, because of not only joy of use, beautiful texture, lovely shape and colours but also special case which can be pasted into your notebook or workbook.


Model Number CF-2002
Shipping Weight 8 g
Dimensions - Product 90 x 120 mm
Product Material Polyurethane Adhesive(case), Polypropylene, Acrylic Adhesive, paper
Number of Sheets 4 x 30 sheets
Dimensions - Case 19 x 52 mm
Tape Length 42 mm
Tape Width 12 mm