Stalogy Translucent Sticky Notes GRIDDED 50mm 50 Sheets [Small Item | S3042]

Our Selling Price: NZ$6.65 [Regular Price: NZ$9.50]

The Stalogy Translucent Sticky Notes GRIDED features a semi-transparent film with 5mm grey-colour ruled line that allows you to read characters under the sticky notes after you write or mark up on them. The ruled line type sticky note also allows you to write tidy letter. In addition, it uses excellent writing comfort and tear-resistant film.

In 2012, this high-quality stationery brand "Stalogy" was established by a collaboration of Nitoms well-known company by their excellent adhesive products and the Good Design Company represented by the top branding designer Mr. Mizuno Manabu.

This translucent rulled sticky note is one of their products representing their philosophy - the simplest but stylish and sophisticated function without having excessive decorations and useless functions.


Model Number S3042
Shipping Weight 13 g
Dimensions - Product 7 x 11 mm
Product Material Polypropylene, Acrylic Adhesive, paper
Number of Sheets 50 sheets
Sheet Style Graph - 5 mm
Tape Length 50 mm
Tape Width 50 mm