Pentel FRENCH POP Correction Tape Refill 5mm x 6m [Small Item | XZTFPR5W]

Our Selling Price: NZ$4.13 [Regular Price: NZ$5.90]

The Pentel FRENCH POP Correction Tape features guideline at every 2mm on the correction tape , it's called "Pitatto line" and allows you to correct very small character easily.

In addition, the correction tape is protected from dust by stylish and compact designed case. The cap comes off by pinching the side of the case lightly with fingers. Of course, you can pick your favourite colour from various lovely French colours.

1. Draw French Pop correction tape slowly while seeing the 2mm interval guideline
2. Finish drawing the tape at the guideline
3. Confirm the correction tape stuck correctly


Model Number XZTFPR5W
Shipping Weight 6.3 g
Weight - Product 14.5 g
Dimensions - Package 56 x 15 x 120 mm
Dimensions - Product 28 x 14 x 55 mm
Product Material ABS・POM・PP
Features - Product 2 mm Ruled Lines
Tape Length 6 m
Tape Width 5 mm
Package Material PP