Q. Can you send an item without "signature required" delivery?

A. No. We only send an item with "signature required" to deliver you an item safely.

Q. Can you send an item to a rural area?

A. Yes. Please select "surcharge required" in step 2 of "delivery detail" when you want to deliver an item to a rural area. Please note it would take 2 to 3 days longer than standard delivery area.

Q. Your prices include GST?

A. Our prices are GST-exclusive. We are non-GST registered business and therefore will not charge any GST.

Q. How much does it cost when I order pens and notebooks?

A. In your case, we will apply normal delivery cost. We only apply a special delivery cost for an item which shown as "Small items" in our shop.

Q. Can I make payment for my order within 5 working days after I receive a confirmation email?

A. Please make payment within 3 working days because it would take a few days to process your transaction and your order would expire if we can not confirm your payment within 5 working days.

Q. Can you send an item to a P.O Box?

A. No. We send an item to a address where someone is available to sign upon a delivery.

Q. What happen If an item is left at a delivery address and it is lost.

A. It never happen because we only send an item by "signature required" delivery. When no-one is available to sign for an item, a 'card to call' will be left at the delivery address. You can arrange re-delivery by following the instruction in the 'card to call'.

Q. Can I collect points every time I purchase from your online shop?

A. You need to register "MY ACCOUNT" and "SIGN IN" when you purchase from the online shop and to collect "MY ACCOUNT" points. You can collect 1 point for every NZ$30 shopping in our online shop.
Points will be added in your account after we complete shipping of your items and you can use the points in your next shopping.