✤ When you sign in "MY ACCOUNT" in the TOKYO STATIONERY after registration, you can collect 1 point per every NZ$30 by one shopping in the online shop.

- Points will be added into your "MY ACCOUNT after we complete shipping of your items.
- You can use your point(s) from 1 point for your shopping in TOKYO STATIONERY online shop.
- 1 point equals 1 New Zealand dollar
- When you use your points on your shopping, you will collect 1 point per every NZ$30 payment by one shopping.
e.g., when you use 2 points on your shopping for NZ$65 total value item(s), then you will pay for NZ$63 and collect 2 points.
- Points will be expired after 6 months from your point(s) collection.

✤ Please note that you need to "Sign in" to your "MY ACCOUNT" to collect points before you purchase in the online shop.