Uni KURU TOGA Pencil Leads 0.5mm 20pcs. B Black case [Small Item | U052031PB.24]

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The Uni KURU TOGA Pencil Leads is an exclusively designed lead for the KURU TOGA Mechanical Pencil featured with auto-rotate mechanism to keep sharp lead tip.

The structure of the pencil lead has harder core centre than outside of the lead. Therefore the centre of the core is sharpened while the outside of the core is scraped, hence the lead will keep sharp tip and you can write smoothly.

Note: You can also use the leads by normal mechanical pencils, but only KURU TOGA Pencil automatically rotates and keep sharp leads' tip.

There are three container colours and its slim cylindrical design allows you to fit it into all pencil cases.


Model Number U052031PB.24
Shipping Weight 5 g
Colour - Case Metallic Pink
Colour - Lead Black
Lead Diameter 0.5 mm
Lead Length 60 mm
Lead Hardness B
Features - Lead The centre of the lead core is harder than outer of the core
Features - Product 3 colours cylindrical container
Dimensions - Case 95 x 10 x 10 mm
Number of Items 20 pcs.
Design Style KURUTOGA Series
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