Tombow MONO ONE DUST CATCH Eraser Holder Refill 2pcs. [Small Item | ER-SDC]

Our Selling Price: NZ$2.73 [Regular Price: NZ$3.90]

This is the refills exclusive for the Tombow MONO DUST CATCH Eraser. Comes with 2 pieces.

Please refer the description in our online shop for the Tombow MONO DUST CATCH Eraser. It features the eraser crumbs bond each other and stick to the eraser body by reaction of new formulation polymers.

1.Please push the eraser completely until you hear a click
2:When tapping facing down the holder, eraser to fall.
3:Insert the refill, please receive the eraser by turning it counter-clockwise the grip.

Note: In rare cases, eraser and eraser waste to melt or stick to the plastics surfaces of painted surfaces. Please note. After using, please put it in a sleeve.


Model Number ER-SDC
Shipping Weight 5 g
Colour - Eraser Black
Features - Product Stick to body the eraser waste bonded to each other・The tiny eraser holder to gripped together to grip your pen・Erasable also so small one character of notebook 6/7mm Rule・Shock-absorbing cushion to prevent the breakage of the eraser・The large size rubber grip easy to grasp・The eraser holder shape of prevention of rolling
Eraser - Material PVC
Dimensions - Eraser φ6.7 x 50 mm
Number of Items 2 pcs.
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