Tombow MONO Plastic Eraser [Small Item | PE-01A]

Our Selling Price: NZ$2.73 [Regular Price: NZ$3.90]

The Tombow MONO Plastic Eraser has features of new blended polymer with an excellent balance of "strength against breaking" and "extremely high eraser power".

This is a long seller Tombow eraser since 1969 and has rounded sleeve to avoid damaging the eraser.

Please note that it is rare but the eraser or eraser crumbs would melt or stick to the plastics surfaces of painted surfaces. Therefore after use, please store the eraser in the sleeve


Model Number PE-01A
Shipping Weight 11 g
Colour - Sleeve White
Colour - Eraser White
Features - Product Balance of "the strength against to break" and "the extremely high eraser power"・The Rounded sleeve
Sleeve Material Recycle Pulp 100%
Eraser - Material PVC
Dimensions - Eraser 17 x 11 x 43 mm