Uni JETSTREAM 4&1 Multi Function Pen (Red, Black, Blue & Green) 0.7mm & Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Light-Blue [Small Item | MSXE5100078]

Our Selling Price: NZ$12.25 [Regular Price: NZ$17.50]

The Uni JET STREAM 4&1 Multi Function Pen features extremely smooth and low resistance writing regardless your writing pressure and speed.

The newly developed oil-based ink quickly soaks into paper and dries up soon after writing. It also contributes to reduce writing stress, such as hands get dirty by touching drawn lines like conventional oil-based inks. Additionally, the new black ink has achieved twice black colour density compare to conventional black inks by combining new pigment and colour material.

The pen also featues a mechanism to prevent the new low viscous ink leaking from the pen tip by pressing a ball by a spring. Also the pen has a built-in TWIN BALL to prevent backflow of the ink into the pen tip.

This multi function pen is equipped with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and 4 colour ballpoint pen, it is so convenience for writing and carrying. Refills are available in our online shop.


Model Number MSXE5100078
Body Weight 23.6 g
Body Colour Light-Blue
Body Diameter φ13.7 mm
Body Length 148.8 mm
Body Material ABSPlastic
Body Mechanism Side Knock Button
Clippable Yes
Clip Length 5.0 mm
Grip - Length  4.0 mm
Grip Material Rubber
Ink Characteristics Ultra-Low Friction Low-Viscosity Ink
Pre - Installed Ink Colour Red, Black, Blue & Green
Pen Refill Number SXR-80-05
Tip Diameter 0.7 mm
Lead Size 0.5 mm