Uni PROPUS WINDOW SOFT COLOURS Double-Sided Fluorescent Highlighter - 5 Colours Set (Cherry-Blossom, Bright-Yellow, Lime, Aqua-Blue, Lavender) [Small Item | PUS-102T 5CS]

Our Selling Price: NZ$10.15 [Regular Price: NZ$14.50]

This is 5 colours set of the Uni PROPUS WINDOW SOFT-COLOURS Double-Sided Highlighter. It features an unique structure with a window at pen tip, that allows you to see the highlighting text through the window as you use this pen.

The brilliant pen tip window allows you to draw line with pinpoint accuracy by rectangular shape thicker pen tip or round ball shape thin pen tip.

You will love these highlighter if you look for pens with eyesight-friendly soft colours.


Model Number PUS-102T 5CS
Shipping Weight 49.7 g
Body Weight 8.4 g
Body Diameter φ11 mm
Body Length 138 mm
Body Material Polypropylene
Clippable Yes
Ink Characteristics Water-Based Flourescent Ink
Pre - Installed Ink Colour Cherry-Blossom, Bright-Yellow, Lime, Aqua-Blue & Lavender
Line Width Thick Line : 4.0 mm /Thin Line : 0.6 mm
Tip Material Thick Tip : Polyethylene /Thin Tip : Polyethylen
Tip Type With a Window
Dimensions - Case 140 x 61 x 17 mm
Design Style Double-Sided Pen