Zebra DELGUARD No more lead lreakage Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm White [Small Item | P-MA85-W]

Our Selling Price: NZ$8.05 [Regular Price: NZ$11.50]

The Zebra DELGUARD is a mechanical pencil featured with new lead protection mechanisms and guaranties you the best performance in your serious situation such as exams or everyday study.

Keep writing without lead breakages - The new mechanism will protect the lead from any writing forces from any angles while writing. A spring in pen's axil will absorb excess vertical writing force. A metal lead sleeve at the tip of the pencil automatically comes out when lead receives strong writing forces from side. These two lead protection mechanisms work automatically while writing to absorb excess writing forces and protect the lead from breakages.

Note: colour leads, 2B and darker leads for 0.3mm or 3B and darker leads for 0.5mm mechanical pencil could break.

No more lead jam in mechanical pencil - A new mechanism in pen's tip can push out a short lead, so you will no longer have lead jams when writing.

Specification - 10.3mm diameter at max. axial x 137.3mm length, 10g weight.