Mark's Washi Masking Tape THE KABUKI (20mm x 7 m) [MST-MKT85-A]

Our Selling Price: NZ$6.93 [Regular Price: NZ$9.90]

The Mark's Washi Masking tape is a removable masking tape made of Japanese Washi. This "maste" is a popular Washi tape series produced by MARK's Inc.

Maste offers a new standard size for Washi tapes, perfectly suits for all people and purpose. It is perfect size for carrying with you, compact for storage and has just good length to use all tape. Therefore it encourages you to collect many of them.

It's made from safe Washi - Japanese high quality paper - and easily cut by hand. There are unlimited ideas to use this Washi tape, you can use as sticky notes in your office, seal a bag to store food in your kitchen and decorate your room.

You will surely find your loved colour from so many colour variations, such as standard colours like colour pencils, neutral colours or vivid neon colours